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About LazaR

LazaR has been painting and drawing all his life. In the tradition of Dutch classical masters, his artwork is a visual testament to his passion and talent. He was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the cradle of the great Dutch Masters.

In 1993 LazaR entered a local art show after only three months of full-time dedication to painting and was thrilled that one of his paintings was selected as the best painting in the exhibit. It was at this show where fate intervened and he met the celebrated Dutch painter, E. Hezemans. Recognizing LazaR's superb talent, Hezemans advised him not to attend art school but to further develop his own natural gift. They formed a close bond and E. Hezemans shared the secrets in the techniques of the Old Dutch Masters with LazaR.

Although LazaR utilizes a technique reminiscent of the Dutch Masters he has developed a unique style, which defies a strict classification.

"Painting is emotion. I must paint what I feel and not what people expect me to paint. I love different styles but create all my paintings with the same intensity, passion and love."

LazaR combines the craftsmanship of the Old Dutch Masters with unrestrained imagination. His paintings share a realistic and yet magically and whimsical quality.

azaR has a musical and architectural background and is skilled in many artistic media but has a predilection for oil painting.

" I love the warmth and strength in colors, the oils seem to take on a fluidity in my hands and I create something majestic, mystical, and beautiful."

LazaR has traveled throughout Europe, living and painting in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy. His artwork is coveted, some of his paintings are even in private collections in Moscow.

In 2003 he received invitations to display his work in art shows in Florence, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. Last year he was invited to Prague, the Czech Republic, Milan and Bologna, Italy.

The love for his art gives him boundless inspiration.

LazaR with his wife and daughter at his
Calabasas Art Show in 2004


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